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Appreciate the Difficulties

Cindy was diagnosed on Christmas Day, but she doesn’t like to tell people that because she thinks it will weigh too heavily on them. On them.

Cancer is a heavy hardship that can be difficult to talk about, not unlike losing your job unexpectedly, facing an economic hardship, or death. I think it’s human nature to want to avoid things that don’t feel good, and in some cultures it’s engrained that talking about difficulites is taboo. 

But the difficulties we face in our lives shape who we become, what careers we choose, and what causes we support.

Cindy’s reminder to “appreciate the difficulties” is important because difficulties in life are given. No matter the scale, we all face them. Learning to appreciate the paths they have created for us, or will create, is an important part of learning to cope, empathize, and move forward.


Leukemia Survivor, Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient


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