The Positive Project was created to leverage positivity to increase the number of cancer survivors (as Pollyannaish as that sounds). It’s a simple philosophy that keeps us moving forward and motivates empathetic people to aid worthy missions.

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Write Positivity

We think that when something is made by hand, it’s made with more love and that the person who receives it can feel that. We’re writing cards, making art, and sharing stories to spread positivity.

Read about how handwritten cards are making a difference for patients at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Share Positivity

Everyone has a story about survival, achievement, resilience or learning that can motivate and elevate others. We believe that telling those stories through hand-lettered works of art is a meaningful way to get attention about a cause or help a patient feel like they’re not alone.

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Send Positivity

We believe that every positive action has an equally positive reaction (we’re not physicists over here), so we’re constantly thinking up new ways to send more positivity to cancer patients, or anyone else that needs it. Follow along on social media or send us a message to find out how you can help us spread positivity.

We Ride Bikes!

The Positive Project’s cycling team is riding in the 25th annual Ride for Roswell, a cycling event in Buffalo, NY that raises money for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Many of the stories we’ve told are from Roswell patients, staff, and friends, who are among the strongest people we’ve ever met.

Who We Are

We have been touched by cancer – as patients, as family, and as friends – and we’ve seen how positive support helps move people forward. Our goal is to create art, share stories, celebrate victories, and support causes that have a positive impact on the cancer community.

About Us

The Positive Project is a passion project founded by designer, hand lettering artist and cancer survivor, Leah Hennessey.

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